1 month, 100 magazines, 10.000 readers

Group 3

More than 100 magazines were published in the first month of magazine.live, generating almost 10.000 views from readers worldwide. Pretty great news for the magazine.live crew!

We enjoyed a lot reading the PilatesTree Mag where we learned about The Vertical Workshop given by Sheri Berkowitz and about how to use Google for your pilates studio directly from Anastasiya Goers

We also loved the beautiful Sailing The Enigma which tells the story of a sailing dream coming true and the outstanding ode to urban art from around the world published in the pictorials from StreetArt Magazine.

About the tough challenges in the sports world and about never giving up on what you believe in, we read in the ProofNthePlay Magazine. Five inspirational stories of young basketball athletes were collected by the passionate Tarrell Forrest Parramore from the Seattle Colleges.

We are happy and proud to have a team of such dedicated publishers on board.

We want to thank you all for your work and we are looking forward to reading your next stories!

We would be very glad to hear your feedback, comments or ideas on how we can improve. Just drop me a line at dana.nastase@magazine.live



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