February 29, 2016


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With magazine.live you can create your content directly on the pages of your magazine and publish when you are ready. This content will be automatically saved every 10 seconds to make sure none of your work is lost.
You can close the page and your browser with no worries. To come back to your work just log in via my.magazine.live and you will get back to your publication.

With magazine.live you can create your content directly on the pages of your magazine and publish when you are ready.
You can upload .jpg photos from your computer, but we do not support uploading of text or pdf files.

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Sometimes when sharing on Facebook or Google plus, it may appear like your post has no image, like in the example below. This is due to the cache which needs to be loaded first.

If you go ahed and post it, it will contain the image.

In principle, for the default text to disappear, you simply need to type over it. Just place the cursor on the line and start writing.

In case you don’t want to add text where there is default text suggested (most common the pictorial layout), just place the cursor on the line and hit the Backspace key on your keyboard.

On the Cover or Image layout, you can remove the text block altogether by clicking the “X” button that appears on the right as you hover the text block. You can add the text block again after that, via the orange dot on the left side.

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Mobile magazines are magazines created to be read on mobile devices. We recommend you to respect the following guidelines:

  • Create between 15 to 20 pages (including cover, table of content, editor’s choice, thank you page,…)
  • Use qualitative visuals and a strong and appealing cover
  • Include 2-3 mobile long reads per magazine
  • A mobile long read is 500-800 words
  • A mobile short read is 200-500 words

Have a look at our Editor’s Choice¬†section and discover some examples

In beta state we will not support charging for magazines. This will be made available in the future in the premium packages.

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To close or delete your magazine.live account, please contact welcome@magazine.live

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To report issues or bugs, please contact welcome@magazine.live

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You can add links via the syling bar which appears when you select text.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.39.39

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To access the styling bar, you must simply select the text.

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You can add pictures by using the orange plus icon in the page which will allow you to upload pictures from your computer or by clicking on existing images which will allow you to replace them.

To share your magazine, click on the share button in the top left corner of the my.magazine.live editor or the read.magazine.live reader and share it on the desired environment.

A customized URL will be available in the premium packages.

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To remove a magazine, delete all pages and Update your magazine.

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You can create unlimited magazines with the my.magazine.live tools

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Magazine.Live is a very easy to use online tool meant to help everyone create beautiful mobile magazines. You can start your own Reader’s Digest or Vogue with a few clicks.

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If you forgot your password go to signup.magazine.live/forgotpassword and follow the instructions

The magazine.live magazines are only available online.

If you would like to change your account details please contact welcome@magazine.live

Go to signup.magzine.live and create an account with your email. You will receive a default password that you will be able to change later.

If you want to change your magazine name please contact welcome@magazine.live

The category of your magazine will help us position it in separate kiosks ( i.e. travel.magazine.live) which will help promote your magazine to the appropriate audiences.

The name you choose for your magazine during the signup process will appear in your link ( read.magazine.live/magazinename) and in your kiosk. This is the brand of your magazine ( like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Reader’s Digest, People’s Magazine…)

You will have the best experience with the magazine.live tools on Chrome or Safari

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